KKB and its Sympathizers Spread Hoaxes, TNI Polri Officials Expel Patients at Madi Paniai Regional Hospital

Papua- Again, Armed Criminal Groups along with sympathizers who are members of the Movement are spreading Hoaxes or incorrect information.

Several health workers or workers at the Madi Paniai Regional Hospital asked the TNI-Polri to provide security at the Regional Hospital because they were afraid of the action that the KKB would take.

"Currently, TNI and Polri officers are helping to secure the Madi Paniai Regional Hospital due to complaints from the public that the OPM group will burn down the Regional Hospital," quoted from Media Mcwnes.com

Apart from that, from several recent incidents that have occurred, it is evident that KKB has burned kiosks belonging to residents and burned down YPPGI schools in Madi and Kopo villages, District. Paniai.

This hoax report that was spread has also been denied by the Madi Paniai Regional Hospital. It was even emphasized that RSUD employees closed the doors by blocking them because they were afraid that medicines and medical equipment would be lost. Meanwhile, child patients were diverted to Deiyai Hospital because they did not have a pediatrician. So now it is clear that the TNI and Polri never expel patients. 

“The photo took place a long time ago, but that's not the case now. "So all of this is HOAX news that was deliberately spread by the KKB gang and their sympathizers,"

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