Central Mamberamo PPD: We Refuse Intervention in Elections

Central Mamberamo, 09 July 2024 – The District Election Committee (PPD) of Central Mamberamo Regency revealed that the Acting Regent (Pj) Manogar Sirait, S.Ip, had obstructed and complicated the performance of the Adhoc Body Organizing the Election of Governors and Deputy Governors, Regent and Deputy Regent, as well as Mayor and Deputy Mayor for 2024 in Central Mamberamo Regency.

After the inauguration of the Central Mamberamo Regency PPD on May 16 2024 at the Central Mamberamo Regency General Election Commission (KPU) Office, in accordance with KPU Decree Number 475 of 2024, the KPU instructed the PPD to nominate candidates for Secretary and Secretariat Support Staff to form their respective secretariats. PPD. The names of these candidates have been proposed to the Acting. Regent Manogar Sirait, S.Ip, but until now it has not been signed without clear reasons.

Recently, Acting. The Regent of Central Mamberamo asked the Five District PPD to resubmit the names of candidates according to his wishes. However, PPD rejected this request because it did not want interference from any party. As a result, until July 9 2024, the Central Mamberamo Regency KPU had not received the Decree (SK) on the formation of the PPD secretariat, so that the honorarium and operations of the PPD and PPS had not been distributed.

As a result of this problem, the PPD and Voting Committee (PPS) have not received their rights and the operational budget that supports performance in each stage of the 2024 Pilkada. This hampers the implementation of the Pilkada stages, especially Voter Data Updating (PANTARLIH), which is very difficult to carry out without an honorary budget. and operational.


Against the background of this problem, on Tuesday, July 9 2024, PPD and PPS throughout Central Mamberamo Regency expressed their aspirations in front of the Central Mamberamo Regency KPU Office with the following demands:

1. Demand that the Acting The Regent of Central Mamberamo Regency immediately signed a letter of recommendation proposing the formation of a secretariat by the PPD Five Districts of Central Mamberamo Regency.

2. Ask the Acting The Regent of Central Mamberamo Regency (Manogar Sirait, S.Ip) not to intervene or obstruct the KPU in carrying out its duties as organizer of the elections for Governor and Deputy Governor, Regent and Deputy Regent, and Mayor and Deputy Mayor in 2024.

3. Firmly reject the request or proposal for the secretariat of the Five District PPD by Acting. Regent of Central Mamberamo.
4. Demand that the Central Mamberamo Regency KPU immediately disburse PPD and PPS honoraria throughout Central Mamberamo Regency.

5. Ask the relevant parties to consider carefully because several of the points above will seriously hinder the progress of the 2024 Pilkada stages.

6. If the aspirations are not heeded, PPD and PPS throughout Central Mamberamo Regency have agreed to carry out a work strike.

7. Ask the Acting Governor of Papua Mountains and Minister of Home Affairs to immediately follow up and evaluate the performance of Acting. Regent of Central Mamberamo Regency.

This situation has a significant impact on the implementation of the 2024 Pilkada stages in Central Mamberamo Regency, and the PPD and PPS hope that their demands will be fulfilled immediately to ensure a smooth, fair and transparent election process.

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