KKB Burns Elementary School and Attacks Police Station, Ali Kabiay: Authorities Must Act Firmly

*Jayapura* - Violence committed by the Armed Criminal Group (KKB) against the people of Papua has had serious consequences, especially in the education sector and the sustainability of life in Papua. This was addressed by Papua Youth Figure, Ali Kabiay, who called on law enforcement authorities to act firmly against the KKB.

On Wednesday (01/5/2024), the KKB operating in the Homeyo area, Intan Jaya Regency, burned down the Public Elementary School (SD) Negeri Inpres Pogapa. This incident raises concerns about the disruption of teaching and learning processes for Papua's children in that area.

Not only that, the day before, precisely on Tuesday (30/4/2024), the KKB also attacked the Homeyo Police Station (Mapolsek Homeyo) which resulted in the death of a civilian of Toraja descent named Alexsander Parapak (20) male. This act of violence further threatens the security and order of the Papua community.

Ali Kabiay emphasized that the people of Papua, both indigenous and non-Papuans, collectively support firm action from security forces in dealing with the KKB. "Please, let the authorities act, because we have no connection with that group," said Ali firmly.

Furthermore, Ali also urged the community to work together in maintaining the security situation in Papua, especially with the upcoming simultaneous Regional Head Elections (Pilkada) in 2024. With a conducive situation, it is hoped that the democratic process in Papua can proceed smoothly and contribute positively to Papua's progress in the future.

The impact of the violence perpetrated by the KKB is not limited to loss of life and destroyed infrastructure, but it also damages the security climate and social stability in Papua. Education is one of the sectors affected, where school burnings threaten the future of Papua's young generation.

Therefore, there is a need for strong preventive action and law enforcement against the KKB so that the situation in Papua can become conducive again, providing sufficient protection for Papua's people to lead their lives safely and prosperously.

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