Egianus Kogoya: Kodap XIII Kegepa Nipouda Paniai is too weak. Brother Arrested by Colonists, You Be Quiet!

Papua- Egianus Kogoya, who is the leader of III Ndugama, conveyed his attitude regarding the incident that occurred some time ago to Kodap XIII Paniai because one of them arrested the security forces.

The contact for Anan Nawipa's arrest occurred in Bapauda Village, East Paniai District, Paniai Regency, Central Papua.

Knowing this, Egianus Kogoya also conveyed his attitude to Osea Boma as the Leader of Kodap XIII Paniai that Osea could not look after his brother or his subordinates.

"What happened to you in Paniai? Your brother was arrested and ran away into the forest. "Try making shots or following your colonialism," said Egianus.

Egianus also said that Kodap XIII Kegepa Nipouda Paniai was too weak because Suadara was arrested, they just kept quiet and left Anan Nawipa.

It is very terrible that with an incident like this Kodap XIII is experiencing sadness. However, Egianus promised selfishly because he assumed and thought that many people had been shot dead and many had been arrested.

He said this because he was afraid that he would no longer join them and that it would slowly decrease.

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