Continues to Act, KKB Actions Always Accuse Civilians of Being Spies for Security Forces

*Papua*- Various incidents that occur in Papua often cause fear and unrest in the local community.

This is all caused by the movements or actions of the Armed Criminal Group (KKB) which continues to cause various problems.

Recalling the incident that recently went viral, the KKB's action in burning down a school and community business kiosks was claimed to be a place for the TNI-Polri which was used to store firearms and ammunition.

"We know that the kiosks are mostly managed by army and police agents," said Sebby Sambom, spokesperson for the National Command Headquarters Management of the West Papua National Liberation Army-Free Papua Organization (TPNPB-OPM).

Sebby accused the kiosk manager of often storing firearms in the form of pistols and weapons. They also often serve as informants for TNI-Police officers. According to him, armed civilian groups have also declared areas to be war zones. If it is a war area, he said, then no one can occupy that area.

Responding to a statement that Sebby said that the kiosks that were burned were places where firearms and ammunition belonging to the authorities were stored. Then why is there no resistance provided when the burning occurs?

However, on the contrary, civilians who were affected by the KKB's actions asked the TNI-Polri to provide security to protect them from the actions carried out by the KKB.

If this was a place for Security Forces to spy or a place to hide and store firearms, then there would be no people coming to ask the Forces to secure the incident.

Sebby Sambom's claim is a statement he continues to make in various media every time the KKB finishes carrying out its actions.

For this reason, resistance to the KKB is the aim of providing peace in the Land of Papua.

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