Afraid! Sebby Sambom does not dare to speak out regarding the arrest of Anan Nawipa

Papua- A TPNPB spokesperson, Sebby Sambom, recently did not dare to open his voice or speak out on his social media or on national media.

The success of the security forces in arresting the perpetrator of the Danramil shooting in the Panai area became a highlight or trending topic in the Indonesian media.

However, Sebby Sambom couldn't speak. What's wrong? In fact, previously, Sebby was known to have given a statement regarding the shooting of Danramil 1703-4/Aradide Lettu Oktovianus Sogalrey.

He stated that the shooting incident was a warning or threat to the security forces, both TNI and Polri.

“We from TPNPB declare that the shooting of Danramil 1703-4/Aradide Lettu Oktovianus Sogalrey was our action. "We are responsible for this incident," he said.

Sebby also added that this was a threat to the TNI-Polri. "We ask the colonialists to immediately leave Papua, otherwise we will continue shooting the colonials," said Sebby.

Seeing this, when the security forces managed to arrest Anan Nawipa, who was the perpetrator of the shooting at Danramil some time ago, Sebby Sambom even remembered and was afraid to say a word.

If you think that as a Spokesperson in an Organization you actually have to have the courage to say or deliver in the Media because as a Spokesperson, he is the voice or mouthpiece for every word and action carried out by the KKB.

Sebby Sambom's fear or transcription will be a weak point in reducing the opinions or propaganda that he has been saying. Because he didn't dare

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