Infiltrate Papua, Oksibil. Sebby Intended to Meet His Members (KKB) Instead His Items Were Stolen

Papua- it was reported that some time ago the figure of Sebby Sambom, who is the TPNPB spokesperson, came to Papua, specifically in the district. It's ok to go through illegal routes. Sebby's goal in coming was to meet with KKB members in the area to address several recent incidents.

However, his presence was very embarrassing. Members of the Armed Criminal Group instead stole his belongings which he was carrying in his backpack.

Sebby admitted he had lost something. “I had a laptop bag, a backpack containing all TPNPB documents that was stolen 10 days ago. Then they returned it, but they didn't get their money back. "This happened in Melanesia, on the traditional land of a nation that once fought for full independence," he said.

However, Sebby did not want to claim that his group had committed theft. He even accused another group of doing this, even though his presence at that time was directly in the midst of the Armed Criminal Group or KKB.

Can this small incident even be carried out by an Armed Criminal Group against its own leadership who they call the TPNPB-OPM Spokesperson? So what happens in the future if the desired happiness is achieved?

Will the Papuan people live in prosperity? Isn't there something like this? It should be noted that Sebby, who is the boss of the Armed Criminal Group Movement, could experience an incident like this. So? What will happen to the Papuan people in the future?

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