Beware of ULMWP Group Provocation and Propaganda

Papua- All citizens of the Republic of Indonesia need to be aware of incitement and propaganda from the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) group, which has continued to be the mastermind behind many riots and breaking down divisions of national unity.

The ULMWP group is the United Liberation Movement for West Papua with the movement and struggle for Papuan independence.

This is in line with the Armed Criminal Group (KKB) which continues to try to liberate Bumi Cenderawasih from Indonesia but uses various dirty methods such as provocation, propaganda and causing chaos.

So far, there has been a lot of unrest in the Eastern part of the country, especially in the Papua region and its surroundings, causing national unity and unity to be divided.

It turned out that this was none other than the mastermind behind the ULMWP instigation.

Moreover, with the rapid development of the world of technology, information and communication in today's digital era, all aspects of people's lives cannot be separated from the influence of social media and the digital world.

This is the motivation for this group to continue spreading negative content on social media or the digital world in the form of incitement and propaganda, which is nothing but to spread hatred and hostility in society so as to divide the unity of the citizens of the Republic of Indonesia.

So it is very dangerous if ULMWP conveys a lot of negative content in the form of incitement and propaganda, thereby giving rise to feelings of anger and feelings of oppression among young people.

As a result, it could be that the nation's next generation will be interested in joining and participating in the rebel movement in the name of Papuan independence even though it is only for the interests of their group.

Recently, a general appeal for action was circulated from the ULMWP group, which contained an invitation to immediately mobilize the masses in general throughout the West Papua region on May 1 2024.

They claim that it is as if the same rebel movement as the KKB is a coordinating forum for the people's movement. In fact, in fact it is clear that this is a one-sided claim and only aims to attract the hearts of the public and sympathizers.

ULMWP also continues to say that it is as if Indonesia has launched an act of colonialism against them. Even though it is clear that this is all just bullshit, in fact, within the bosom of Mother Earth, Papua has now become a very developed region.

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